How To Overcome Last Exam Syndrome

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’ve been directed to this blog post through one of my many social media platforms, 99.98% of you have already completed your final examinations for the year. But alas, to that 0.02% of my readers who are still pushing through and to the students of next year who’d like a little jumpstart, today we’ll be diving into ‘The Last Exam Syndrome’.

Let’s quickly define Last Exam Syndrome:

According to the notorious Urban Dictionary, Last Exam Syndrome is “worldwide student condition”, so fear not dear readers, you’re not alone. The definition sourced from the Urban Dictionary is as follows:

My Experience with Last Exam Syndrome

Believe it or not, I’ve been experiencing a mild case of ‘Last Exam Syndrome’ lately. Mainly due to the fact that my last final matric examination commences in the next 4 hours give or take. I began to feel demotivated after hearing the news with regards to the cancellation of the matric rewrites. With all my stress being released came new feelings of laziness. Look, I had my whole schedule ahead of me in order to effectively cope through the matric rewrites and with all of that studying time suddenly being ‘erased’ from my schedule came the ‘holiday’ mood as I witnessed my surrounding friends celebrate an end to a very exhausting year.

The following day upon hearing the news, I managed to pull up my socks and attempt to be productive to my maximum. It was only until yesterday (T-Minus on day before my last exam) did the syndrome intensify. I managed to follow my studying schedule but at a cost. The cost being using up all my energy to force myself into studying instead of using my energy to actually study. Oh I also plugged back in my gaming console and started to play Star Wars Jedi: The Last Order. YAY FOR PROCRASTINATION.

And now that leaves us to today. As stated by the obvious, I am not studying. In fact I am lying on my bed contemplating whether I should post this draft or not. Nonetheless I believe a simple attitude shift has helped me get out of this rut.

Tips To Overcome Last Exam Syndrome

Now it did require some willpower for me to pull this off but the process was quite simple. I had to remind myself that firstly - I’ve studied all my work before and thus any stress I would be feeling in the moments leading up to my exam due to Last Exam Syndrome would be false. So in laymen’s terms, Be Confident! That is of course if you’ve studied in advance...

Secondly, to preserve more energy for studying when feeling demotivated, I would think about completing my exams with a ‘bang’. You know like how in all those action Hollywood movies where the lead character walks away from an explosion in the end after an intense action sequence? I would think of my final exam as the ‘final action sequence’ and how awesome it would be to walk away from an explosion , i.e walking away with good grades.

Lastly, whenever feeling overwhelmed with anxiety due to being so relaxed when I should be studying, I would practice breathing techniques in order to ease my mind.


Last Exam Syndrome is something we all tend to informally experience from time to time. The unscientifically proven syndrome can be further broken to us as humans just losing motivation near the end in almost anything we do. However don’t use these feelings to justify your laziness. We are stronger than believe and it;s never too late walk away from an epic explosion.

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