My inspiration for photography occurred in the year 2015 and my desire to do photography started to become my passion, and that is very much how I ended up where I am today; you following my work, reading this post.


I use my camera to capture moments in life, through a visual story. Photography is my way of expressing myself. My photos allow people a chance to see what I see and think. My photos help bring attention to the little things that often are overlooked. Almost like collecting thoughts, photography shows people new angles and perspectives on life.


My subject of choice is mainly landscapes. Through landscapes, I have learned that I would really love to travel and see more exotic and interesting parts of the world. I hope more exploration soon broadens my horizons to see different parts and moods of nature.


I am inspired by the little moments that we so often lose to memory. The best photos are the photos that resurface with it, a scent, a feeling, and an essence. I am driven by emotion. I have always been encouraged to think outside the box and if you know me; you know that I lack creativity but I am motivated to find, with my lens, something different. Something beautiful.

I tend to overthink things, but with my camera, I don’t think. I just see. I imagine, and I experience. Photography made me an extrovert. I am not the best socializer, and it is often difficult for me to say exactly what I am feeling. Good photography needs no words.

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